Ohana Academy

We are an accredited Branch of Manulife Philippines
"Transforming Lives, For Life"

Study To Become A Licensed Insurance Advisor!

Is a career in the financial industry the profession for you?

Have you been searching for a career that will give you more time for yourself  and your family without compromising your income?  Start insurance school with:

6 Hours Online Study

1 Week In-Depth Jump Start Classes

6PM to 9PM Monday to Friday

8AM to 4PM Saturday

2 Days Insurance Commission Pre Licensing Education

1:00PM to 5:00PM

3 Weeks OJT & Joint Field Work Hours

INCLUDES On-Boarding and ALL UP Program

1:00PM to 5:00PM


Total Length Of Study: 45 Days


Ohana Academy's goal is to provide pre-licensing and continuing education in a professional environment that is conducive to learning. Apart from doing insurance business, we also provide weekly learning of the education of insurance as well as tech/digital component updates on the business. 

Course Fee: P4,500.00   Includes Insurance Commission Licensure Exam Fees ​& Digital Notes.   *Gadget Requirement condiering the new normal are:

Ipad or Laptop & 6 Gig USB 


Ohana Academy provides Life and Variable Universal Life Insurance courses designed to enhance professional development and expand your knowledge.

Start and build your career with a strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking company to graduate and benefit from a new career.

    *Variable Income

    *Free International & Local Travels

    *Flexible Work Hours   

Try To See If You Are Fit For The Financial Career. Take The Assessment


  • LEARN TO EARN SESSIONS -  Join continual learning sessions about prospecting, sales process, CRM and Client Service.  

  • OWL - Join Ohana Weekly Learnings on Mondays for detailed  discussions on different Manulife Life and VUL products and updates. 

  • LARK Suites App - Phoenix Diamond Ohana Online Workplace Interactions.  You can have virtual desk or topic groups and add buddies under the same workplace to enhance teamwork.  Multiple tools in one app for you to easily manage your workplace, clients and tasks.