A father brings unique contributions to the job of parenting a child that no one else can replicate. Following are some some of my experiences as a father which I hope that my involvement made a positive difference in my children’s life.

Our Three

I'm not a perfect father. Honey Grace and I are blest with three children who are now averagely at their 20's. Our eldest is 26 years old Sofia Frances who is now residing in Japan married to an honoring man, Jayson Nagao. They were married in August 2018.

Our only son is Ralph Theodore, 26 years old finishing Electrical Engineering next year (2021) at the University of St. La Salle Bacolod A very talented videographer and a marvelous dancer.

The third is Selinah Lourdes, 17yrs old tomorrow at 5'8 in height who is currently behind me mixing a bowl of sugar free cookie mix to fill up my cookie jar. A dancer, a writer and a witty lovely angel.

My Declaration:

Looking back, I've had a tough life coming from a dysfunctional family and it foremost in my heart and fervent prayers that they three will be better that me. They are such a lovely bunch who grew up together that never brought us trouble. No major mess, loving, honoring and prayerful.


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