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Updated: Feb 23

Today is February 20, 2021. Five years ago I was incepted as an Emerging Unit Head in Manulife Philippines. I look back with gratefulness to the Lord for the opportunity of having such a life-changing career. Today motions me to look back and remember the things I learned in my 5 years with Phoenix Diamond Ohana that is now rebranded as Powerful Delta Oasis Branch.

Today, and always, I’m appreciative of my Region Head Nelia F. Nemenzo, Unit Heads Honey Grace (wifey), Unit Head Noems Apuhin, Unit Head Leilani Alba, Unit head JP Aurillos, Agency Leaders Sir Cesar Artesano, Regina Po, JJ Relos, Mike & Lala Espina, Eden Parpa, Yenn Jamon & Frence Grande, and everybody in Team Oasis. Self-reliance manifests itself in a loss of joy and constant worry about the operations. That’s why I’m mighty blessed with these Oasis leaders that I so depend on who contribute to shipshape the branch operations.

My 5 years with Ohana/Oasis Team taught me to think long-term. We must value vision first, execution second. All true vision comes from God, the quintessential visionary. God runs resources for the vision that aligns with his purposes.

The scarcity mindset was thrown away as Oasis Branch champions abundance. We are far more convinced of HIS abundance and reject assuming scarcity as HIS resource development for our branch is not a zero-sum game. I learned that there is no insufficiency of resources, only a paucity of vision, faith, and feeble business activities. Appreciatively Oasis Team thrives on cheering up one another - like a communicable positive bug - the lavishness of support is relished. “Always be the first to give”, our Region Head would quip.

Be a pathway, not a storehouse. Everything I learned and received as Unit Head to being a Branch Head when shared always comes back exponentially. As I front-run Oasis, HE intends for his provision to flow through us for the benefit of others. A giving culture, the Oasis volunteerism to teach and share - I enjoy seeing these in every Team Oasis member.

Our AVP and Area Head Sir Paolo Javellana and AAH Tria Montelibano, a pair of great support to our branch, selfless partners, and business aides, have started calling me as the resident pastor of our region these past years. I smile in my heart because, in the last 5 years, plans and goals in the territory, region, and branches that were saturated in prayer came very successful, inspiring, and victorious, God always came through. Our career know-how is good but trusting God for his provision of resources and clients always was way better and even enhanced when saturated with prayers.

In 2018, we experienced the loss of a leader, our dear Branch Head Atty. Ivan Nemenzo, that bolstered us unit heads to rise up and carry on the baton. I look back at the strengthened resolved and accord to press on his vision. It did not fracture our unity and the business focus and prayers brought our survival and longevity up to this day.

Leading Oasis Branch taught me to value people more. The process of financial resource acquisition involves cultivating human capital - relationally engaging people who will be co-investors in realizing our vision. They are more valuable and more arduous to secure than financial goals and resources - and should be sought before and above any other resources and yes, It’s all about relationships.

I’m exultant to witness Oasis Team being so true to their personal and career goals as they produce not only for themselves but also for the team. In fact, I am eager to promote most of them. You see, when I see a productive teammate elevating the performance of existing colleagues and help spread the Oasis blessing culture, I usher them to the company’s leadership programs to launch them to their career agency growth to be able to lead and bless our team and importantly bless their family.

I always had this silent prayer inside me - that they would be far better than me. If you stop a leader, he or she will lead elsewhere. Oasis wants their kind of species to flourish in our branch and for this season, in my 5th year and beyond, I am looking to promote and invite more leaders to our Oasis Branch. Leaders who basically have the heart to bless their spouse, children, and others are a must. For me, a good leader at home will always be a good leader anywhere.

I celebrating my 5th year with Manulife today. I pause and close my eyes to thank God and remember the faces of every Ohana and Oasis teammates who are a bunch of blessings to my life - sans the turnovers - all of them! I also implore God to continue to hold high in wisdom and direction the leaders in our organization and the company that makes every day better.

Thank you Manulife Philippines - Richard Bates, Stephen Ong, Ms. Bing Delos Reyes, Paolo Javellana, Tria Montelibano. Powerful Delta Region - Region Head Nelia Nemenzo, our esteemed Oasis Unit Heads and leaders, our beloved Ohana/Oasis Branch, my Frev (forever) Honey Grace, Jayson, Sofia, Baby Nagao, Redd, Ella. Tintin, Leah, and outstandingly our Team Oasis CLIENTS for the journey years that effected me to grow in so many areas of my life. Prayers, People, Productivity, Promotion ... all these make a rewarding financial agency career.

Decisions made easier. Lives made better.

To my rock, Thank you, Jesus.

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